Darrell Penta, PhD

I find the hardest UX problems, and I run straight at them.


I'm a mixed-methods UX Research lead with more than a decade of professional experience. My most recent work focuses on the employee experience--especially the tools and services built by and for tech workers--and includes extensive research supporting service design and operational process-mapping. I specialize in research methodology, devising and implementing UX-metrics programs at scale, and information architecture.

I’ve lead research or consulted on UX with numerous companies, including:

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I am passionate about contributing to the UX community at-large. In addition to holding a position as an Assistant Professor at Bentley University's Human Factors in Information Design Master's Program, I’ve presented and spoken by invitation at several insitutions, inclding:

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  • PhD Psychology (Language & Cognition) Northeastern University
  • MA Psychology (Language & Cognition) Northeastern University
  • MA Applied Linguistics University of Massachusetts Boston
  • BA English; Psychology & Sociology University of Massachusetts Boston

Language is central to the human experience

The capacity for producing & processing language is the distinguishing characterstic of our species. Because language is so central to the human experience, it's hard to imagine doing "human-centered design" without putting language first.

My passion for linguistics and user-experience research & design has prompted me to present and write extensively on the intersection of these topics, including a series of 5 Designing Hangeul articles published at Google Fonts.


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